I'm Agne Ødegaard, living in Norway. Working as a freelance web developer/designer on my spare time. If you need a Website for your business or other stuff, I can provide you with one for a small amount of money.

Photography, this has been my hobby alongside with the web development for the past years. I love to take pictures of almost everything I can come across, especially animals. I can provide clients with pictures for projects as well as websites.

If you want to see some of my previous works look further down the page.

My job as both the designer and the developer is to talk with the client(you), and try to find the design and features the client want. I will try my best to listen to the client and give him/her what they want.

Now the technical stuff if you know these things... I can provide you with HTML5 & CSS3 sites with or without a responsive back engine. You can edit your side by yourself, if you wish me to add that feature or the cheaper option to have a none editable site. if you wish to use WordPress I'm up to make one for you.

HTML5 (.kit)

CSS3 (.less / .scss)


JavaScript / jQuery

Visual Design

Illustrator (Adobe)

Photoshop (Adobe)

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